Recruitment Chair

My name is Lilly Bennett and I am beyond grateful to have the privilege of being Mu Alpha’s Recruitment Chair for 2021.
I am eager to welcome all of you into Chi Omega whether that be in person or virtually and show you the true meaning of being a Chi Omega, and hopefully what it can mean to you someday.
The idea and process of recruitment can be overwhelming at times, but just know that all of us at Mu Alpha are very excited to meet you and welcome you into our little blue house. Going through recruitment as a freshman I never would have imagined I would end up where I am today, forming friendships with girls that I now call family, and being given the opportunity to push myself in ways I never thought imaginable. I would not be where I am today without Chi Omega and the friendships I have formed because of it.
Here at Chi O, our sisters strive to be scholarly, driven, genuine individuals who come together to support one another and create lifelong friendships. Our sisters are all unique in their own way bringing an array of perspectives and backgrounds to our chapter. But despite our differences, our shared values and love for Chi Omega bring us together.
My biggest piece of advice is to ALWAYS be your genuine self during recruitment and to keep an open mind, and with that you will know where you belong. It seems cliche to say, but by the end of the process you will find your forever home, even if it wasn’t the one you expected. 
I am beyond excited to meet all of you in the future and share in the joy that is Chi Omega. This sisterhood is such a special group of girls that continue to support and amaze me. I hope you find a place that means as much to you as Chi Omega means to me.


Lilly Bennett



Chi Omega Recruitment Chair

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Dear Potential New Members...

Tell us a little about what you do as New Member Educator.

Hi, my name is Courtney Mili and I have the privilege of serving the Mu Alpha chapter of Chi Omega as the New Member Educator.  My main role is to prepare and educate the newest members of our sisterhood as they embark on the journey to becoming a part of an amazing organization of women.  I inform the new members on what it means to be a part of a sisterhood and more so, what it means to be a Chi Omega.  It feels like only yesterday that I was a new member in Chi Omega and I cannot wait to share such an amazing experience with all of the incoming girls!

What advice would you give to PNM's coming through recruitment?

Be yourself and come through with an open mind! Going into recruitment my freshman year, I had no idea what to expect.  I didn’t know anyone else going through recruitment nor did I have any older friends at the school to give me any insight.  There are so many different stereotypes that get tossed around and it is hard to decipher right from wrong.  Just take a deep breath and show everyone the best version of yourself.  Find which house you feel the most comfortable in and make that decision for yourself.  Determine where you feel like you “belong” rather than where you can “fit it”.

What are you most looking forward to about being New Member Educator?

Becoming the New Member Educator is something that I have strived to achieve since I was a new member.  My New Member Educator was so knowledgeable and welcoming and I knew that I wanted to be that for future women of Chi Omega.  I cannot wait to get to know each new member and form a bond with them that will not only last for their first year but for years to come.  I am eager to welcome them with open arms and show them what being a part of such an amazing sisterhood is all about!!

Courtney Mili




New Member Educator

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